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Qigong Essentials and Self-healing Techniques with Tan Soo Kong, D.Sc(AM), Ph.D



Gives classes in Tao-Garden from November 15 to 17, 2018.

With a background in Chinese martial arts, Master Tan also trained in Qigong for more than three decades. Master Tan provides treatment services and conducts Qigong training for general health and self-healing. He also provides special training for those who aspire to become professional medical Qigong practitioners.

WMQ focuses on health maintenance, health enhancement, self-healing methodology and techniques of treating others. Following the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, it influence and direct Qi for medical benefits rather than using needles, herbs or massage. Medical Qigong has gained worldwide popularity in the recent years to treat all kinds of physical and emotional ailments, especially as part of integrated therapy for Cancer. http://wellnessmedicalqigong.com

The 3 days training in Tao-Garden will be focused on intensive Qigong Essentials and Self-healing Techniques.


The first 2days are designed for everyone. It covers fundamentals of Qigong and Wellness Qigong set of exercises. The objective is to train the participants on the various important aspects of Qigong e.g. Tan Tian, meridians, Inner Orbit, Five Elements, concept of Yin and Yang, energy breathing and so on. The set of exercises taught in this course covers both dynamic movements and stillness exercises; incorporating breathing and Dao Yin techniques. It will help practitioners to loosen and stretch the body and to activate, enhance, circulate and store Qi.

The second course objective is to train the participants in the art of ancient Healing Sounds Qigong and the WMQ self-healing techniques to overcome health challenges, as well as maintain and improve health. This course covers the following comprehensive topics: Meridians in more detail, main causes of ailments, the power of Yi, the key to self-healing and directing Qi, Color meditation Techniques, Self-healing technique and Common ailments.

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